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To compose an impressive descriptive paragraph, it is important to take note that the main purpose of your writing is not to plainly describe but to paint a picture out of your words.

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Though it may sound confusing, discovering the deeper world of descriptive writing will surely clear things up. In this article, we are going to discuss the fundamentals of descriptive paragraphs and help you write a magnificent composition of your own. Read through to learn more.

Write statements about your topic. In this step, we will be needing your pen and paper now. Once you already have them, kindly write any random statements that are relevant to your topic. You may make three to four statements in which all revolve around your main topic.

If your topic is something you are very familiar with, you can make use of your own personal experience. This will serve as your thesis statement. Write some things your reader will learn. In this step, you need to specifically mention or depict three to four things that your reader will learn upon reading your essay. Make sure these also relate to your thesis statement.

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Take note of these lessons and utilize the same format in writing them such as: Readers will learn how fun my summer vacation was Readers will learn what are the superb experiences I encountered in Hawaii Readers will learn what are the great places I visited in Hawaii Readers will learn what makes the beaches in Hawaii great These will serve as your topic sentences. Summarize your topic sentences.

Write down all your topic sentences in summary form. A while ago, the same format was used; however, for this part, remove all of them. If you take a hard time to do this, reading the paragraph you have constructed aloud would be a great help.

creative writing describing a city

Create your introduction. Now is the time to make your final intro.Effective descriptive words show mood and character in addition to appearance. The best descriptions draw us in and keep us rapt with attention, placing us in a scene. Here are 5 tips for writing memorable places and characters:.

Great adjectives do extra work. One way to get the most out of adjectives is to look up their etymologies. Already a much more visceral image — one of little pieces — underlies this more expressive describing word. Similarly, Tartt conveys plenty of character in writing about place. Walking into the library, I took in my breath sharply and stopped: glass-fronted bookcases and Gothic panels, stretching fifteen feet to a frescoed and plaster-medallioned ceiling.

In the back of the room was a marble fireplace, big as a sepulchre, and a globed gasolier — dripping with prisms and strings of crystal beading — sparkled in the dim. One of the important functions of description in narration is that it gives us information about the viewpoint character doing the describing.

A fearful character entering a crowded house party might describe the noise and action in terms that suggest being overwhelmed. An extrovert, on the other hand, might describe exactly the same scene as exciting and energy-giving. As an exercise write a word scene, for example a student protest on a campus.

Think about how each might describe their surrounds and bystanders or participants. To give your writing descriptive power, build on your descriptions. If a house looks abandoned and neglected from the outside, describe further signs of this abandonment on the interior. Similarly, if you describe a striking detail about a character at first introduction, bring the detail back when relevant.

Bunny Corcoran was his name, Bunny being somehow short for Edmund. His voice was loud and honking, and carried in the dining halls. The next morning, around ten, I was ironing a shirt in the kitchen when there was another knock at the door. I went into the hall and found Henry standing there. This knock was fairly light; Bunny always beat at the door as if to bash it in. Through building character description over time, Tartt shows in Bunny a character who is invasive and unreflective.

The reader can almost predict how Bunny will behave in a given situation. For example, characters can be divided into four simplified types. Sanguine cheerfulmelancholic sadphlegmatic easygoing and choleric quick-tempered. Here are adjectives to describe each type, with the origin in brackets:. In the darkening evening he slouched towards the town centre, glum, hands thrust in pockets. Are there synonyms that are stronger or have more effective connotations or associations?

Find more of our best articles on character description on our character writing hub. Here are 5 tips for writing memorable places and characters: 1. Build descriptions over the course of your story To give your writing descriptive power, build on your descriptions. Build a rich vocabulary of words to describe people and places Actively expand the set of descriptive words and synonyms you have in your toolkit.

Related Posts: Choosing description words: 10 questions to ask Describing characters' first appearances: 6 tips How do you write good character description?

creative writing describing a city

Post navigation Previous What will help me write a book?Creative writing prompts provide a useful way to jog inspiration and get into an inventive frame of mind.

Try these creative writing exercises focused on individual elements of storytelling: Point of view, tense, dialogue, character and more. A character is moving to another city. She visits her favourite public place and sees something that makes her want to stay. When you rewrite in third person if you prefer this POVsome of this immediacy will carry over. A character is being chased by a villain or villainous group through an abandoned warehouse.

Describe their fear and lucky escape in words or less. Rewrite the piece from the viewpoint of the villain s. A character arrives late to a party, not knowing that an old significant other is attending too. The host introduces them to each other, unaware of their history. A teenage couple is sitting at a restaurant, playfully making up a fake Cosmo love test for each other.

What questions do they ask each other? Now, write the same scene, but this time the couple is in their thirties.

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How would the questions differ? Write the same scene again, but this time the couple has been married for fifteen years. How would their questions be different than the other two tests? Why: Character development makes your characters feel real.

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A detective is called to a small hotel to investigate the disappearance of a guest. Use first person POV. Two characters who are romantically involved are having an argument at a bar. Write their exchange in words or less. Why: Conflict in dialogue makes it lively and the raised stakes draw readers in.

Creative Writing - Life in the City

Why: Dialogue tags can be distracting and repetitive. Body language can show how your characters are speaking and feeling without telling the reader outright, and this brings characters to life. A public figure a celebrity or politician is giving a long speech when they are interrupted by a member of the audience and heckled. The speaker loses their calm and responds to the heckler in far more informal speech. Why: We use different ways of talking depending on whom we address.

Two characters have been stuck in a lift for an hour. They were strangers but they begin opening up, telling each other about their lives while they wait for assistance.

Use words or less.

Writing About Cities

Why: Creating a sense of progression in dialogue shows change and this change and sense of development is a large part of what makes a story interesting.I shot up in bed awakened by the sound that I had thought was my alarm clock.

I was surprised to find that the glowing red LED lights read am.

creative writing describing a city

If it wasn't the alarm clock what was it? I had thought to myself while wiping the sleep from my eyes. Suddenly I heard a deafening crack.

The type of crack you hear when you pour boiling water on ice. While the noise filled my ears a blinding light lit up my bedroom. I could make everything out as if someone had just flipped the switch on.

I saw my vanity clear as day across the room. It took a few moments before I came to my senses and realized what was happening. I had scanned the weather only hours on my laptop and had not noticed any warnings of a storm approaching. But here I was looking out my bedroom window face to face with the violent beast.

Suddenly I heard another deafening crack of thunder. This one so powerful my whole house trembled under the force of the storm. Like a child I ran for the security of my bed. Still warm from the few hours I had previously spent peacefully sleeping in it.

I crawled deep within my blankets, covering myself from head to toe. Leaving nothing but a small space exposed, just large enough for me to see out of. What was I thinking I was a grown adult frightened by a silly storm hiding underneath my covers as if they would actually protect me from something?

With that thought the storm produced another earth shattering crack and a blinding flash of light. The storm seemed to be collecting more and more energy with every minute that passed by. Yes, I may be an adult but hiding under the covers somehow made me feel less afraid. Yes, I was a gopher, a gopher burrowed deep within my mound of blankets. Protected from the vicious howl of the thunder and sharp teeth of the lightening.

It felt like hours I lied there listening to the storm wishing that it would pass. Just when I thought it had moved on I was proven wrong and it gave me another terrifying blast as if it just needed a moment to put all of its power together.

My eyelids became so heavy that the struggle to keep my eyes open became stronger than my fear of the storm. The warmth that my body had generated under the blankets was getting to me. I was falling asleep. Despite my intense fear of closing my eyes and leaving myself vulnerable to the storm I eventually drifted off. I was awoken once again with a bright light coming through my blinds.Writing is writing and good writing is creative writing.

If we accept, however, that Technical Writing exists in its own category, with Creative Writing in another, how can we categorize creative Technical writing?

One way to explore the differences and similarities between Technical Writing and Creative Writing is to Being a writer is someone who uses writing on a regular basis. You have to be a writer before you can be a good writer. It's about being good or at least good enough. But students don't see themselves as writers at all because they have been structurally defined as deficient.

This means that a student is someone who does not write up to a certain standard of performance with academic discourse.

A writer does not simply write at someone else's command but on their own initiative. So as a writer You need to have a plan before you actually sit down to write.

How to write descriptively - Nalo Hopkinson

This is as annoying in a writer as it is in a public speaker. You need to make sense of all the materials you have gathered. Some writers actually do outlines, which serve as blueprints for their essays or narratives. At the very least, they help the writer to focus, to be coherent. We generally think of structure in architectural Write a 4 page essay comparing and contrasting academic writing and creating writing. One of the great things about the English language is that with its various modes of structure and the wide variety of nuance that can be utilized, there are almost as many styles and sub-genres of writing as there are writers who ply it as a trade.

Descriptive Writing Task The aim of this lesson is to write a piece of original writing about a deserted house. You and your friend have just finished school and on the way home and you need shelter from the sudden change in weather. You see a deserted house and decide to enter it. Describe in detail the appearance of the house and the path that leads up to the front door.

How do you feel as you approach? What type of door do you enter? Imagine that you have gone through the doorway It was one of the slimiest ones we ever caught. The tentacles were To describe the whole situation in one word I would have to choose nausea.

The Expo center was packed with societies elite, eagerly Creative Writing : Jimmy Valentine Creative Writing Story Writing On a quiet lazy Sunday afternoon, he got off the bus, walked down a quite lane to a small cottage with peeling paint and faded curtains. He just kept staring at her for a few seconds What ideas about Identity are you going to convey in your creative?

You should choose ideas that you think you want to write about or that you find the most interesting.

City description generator

Sign Up. Sign In. Sign Up Sign In. Creative Writing Aptitude Being a writer is someone who uses writing on a regular basis.

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Academic and Creative Writing Write a 4 page essay comparing and contrasting academic writing and creating writing. Creative Writing Descriptive Writing Task The aim of this lesson is to write a piece of original writing about a deserted house.This description generator will generate a fairly random description of a city.

The descriptions are fairly vague on purpose, as this way they can be applied to cities from all sorts of cultures and periods in time. There are some elements which do fit modern cities or futuristic cities better, but those details are usually quite minor, and they could be interpreted in such a way that they also fit older settings. To start, simply click on the button to generate a random description.

Don't like the description? Simply click again to get a new one. You're free to use names on this site to name anything in any of your own works, assuming they aren't already trademarked by others of course.

All background images part of the generators are part of the public domain and thus free to be used by anybody, with the exception of user submitted backgrounds, images part of existing, copyrighted works, and the pet name generator images. All other original content is part of FantasyNameGenerators. City description generator This description generator will generate a fairly random description of a city.

Your art here? Click here to find out more! Share this generator. Privacy You're free to use names on this site to name anything in any of your own works, assuming they aren't already trademarked by others of course.Read the following paragraphs introducing Portland, Oregon.

Notice that each paragraph focuses on a different aspect of the city.

creative writing describing a city

Portland, Oregon is located in the northwest of the United States. Both the Columbia and the Willamette river run through Portland. It is the largest city in the state of Oregon. The city is famous for its proximity to the mountains and the ocean, as well as its relaxed, friendly inhabitants.

Approximatelypeople live in Portland while the Portland metro area has a population of over 1. The main industries in the Portland area include computer chip manufacturing and sportswear design.

In fact, two famous sportswear companies are based in the Portland Area: Nike and Columbia Sportswear. The largest employer is Intel which employs over 15, people in the greater Portland metro area. There are also many smaller technology companies located in downtown Portland. Portland's weather is famous for its rain. However, the spring and summer are quite lovely and mild. The Willamette V alley to the south of Portland is important for its agriculture and wine production.

The Cascade Mountains are located to the east of Portland. Hood has three major skiing facilities and attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. The Columbia river gorge is also located close to Portland. X is located in the Y region of country X lies between the A and the B mountains, valleys, rivers, etc. Located at the foot of the B mountains Located in the R valley.

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X is famous for X is known as X features The main industries in X are X has a number of Y plants factories, etc. The main employers of X are The largest employer is Share Flipboard Email. Kenneth Beare. Discuss one aspect of the city in each paragraph. For example, one paragraph about general facts and population, one paragraph about industries, one paragraph about culture, etc.

Use resources such as Wikipedia to help you find facts about the city. Use 'its' as a possessive when writing about a city not her, or his. For example, Its main exports are When using numbers, write out the numbers up to twenty.


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Creative writing describing a city
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